Sometimes words stream easily through my fingers, but my thoughts splinter into tangents too quickly to capture and weave them into something meaningful and cohesive.

This is one of those times. And I’m going to write it out anyway!

September gives us opportunity to experience unity, teamwork and collaboration or make a fresh start if needed or wanted. In addition, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed, the planets are lined up in ways that are particularly fiery and intense (but for the greater good, of course).

We are witness to this in our world right now.

Outer. Inner. Above. Below.

So, how can you utilize the cosmic energy for your personal growth? How can we use it for our collective growth?

Because the outer world feels overwhelming right now, I’ll start with my personal insights that I’ve been in the midst of gleaning (not fully finished) and a link to a couple of the (many) astrologers I read and learn from each month.

To begin, let’s entertain a huge eclipse and a few players like Mars, Chiron, Mercury (retrograde), Uranus, Pluto and see what kind of party ensues…

The eclipse might be over but multiple planets are lining up on the degree of the eclipse within a short time-frame post-event. In astrology this is important – it means we are not done – we are being given a second and third chance to ‘get it’ or ‘see it’ or ‘experience it’.

So, for me personally, on the one hand, my creativity is off the charts! I’ve been designing programs for weeks and I have millions of ideas that I hope I get to share in this lifetime.

On the other hand, as a sensitive being who experienced a lot of trauma during my childhood, I not only feel the collective anxiety (as many of you do), I am also experiencing the door to childhood wounds being ripped off its hinges.

I have been ‘working’ on these wounds a long time and I’ve been successful in healing so much but it appears there is always more to do…

I’ve noticed that since it’s time to step into the next phase of leadership or contribution (Leo Eclipse in my 11th house), the universe (my boss) made sure that I’m awake, aware, and ready by illuminating (Sun) the shadows (eclipse) that need to be healed NOW.

As a teacher, guide, and mentor I know that teaching really means learning. Guiding means navigating my own inner world. Mentoring means growing.

So, this means I need to experience the shadows, do the healing work, and emerge with more confidence and radiance.

But what happens when there’s more muck in there than anticipated?

I dig in and my life looks messy and I feel pretty darn uncomfortable.

I feel like I’m in a mine (a very Plutonian image). Being under the earth where treasures are located is phenomenally interesting, but it’s not a place that feels ‘fresh and light’.

None-the-less, it is where I find myself – going into the dark and finding the crystals, gems, and precious metals. But it’s shadowy and oftentimes hard to breathe…

With the impact of the planets (and the eclipse) on my personal chart, I’ve got a recipe for dredging up the depths of my childhood wounds that I have unwittingly allowed to keep me from being the best me I can be.

The planetary line-up has paradoxically felt a like cave-in and a ray of light – something meant to get my attention so I could clean it up or even create a new path.

With right preparation, a great team, and an excellent map with directions to find my way out – I am and I am bringing back parts of me that had gone missing a long time ago.

This is my story (for now).

What is your story? What are the stories of your communities?

The numerological message of this month reminds us that we are all connected through spirit and matter – through our humanness: our failings and our enlightenment.

When people speak of ‘oneness’, I think they are reminding us that at our best we feel each other’s pain in ways that inspire change or support.

This month can remind us of our best – our ways of coming together and healing.

If more of the tapestry is ripped apart, then it will need new thread and perhaps a new design.

Outer. Inner. Above. Below.

What is opening for you? What is unraveling for you so that you can provide a new thread? A new pattern? A stronger weaving?

More to be revealed as the stars and the cosmic mysteries work their magic!

Two of the many astrologers I study: and

Thank you for being a big part of my professional tapestry! I am grateful!

Much love and many blessings,

p.s. If you want more insight about your personal chart, please schedule a session!

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