Sensuous Astrology Secrets: unveiling your secret sensual self & consciously creating confidence…

The delicious and delightful keys to a Venus in Aries Retrograde are, in short, to be curious & daring as you accept the adventure of relationship starting with yourself and embracing those you love (or will love).

Venus in Aries loves passion, creativity, music, and love – that falling in love kind of love.

Sexually, Venus in Aries is Hot, Fiery, Sensual, Direct, and Adventurous with an (really fun) Agenda.

For the next 6 weeks, the Love Planet’s journey back through the first part of Aries and into Pisces allows for a vast review of Love & Relationship. (In fairness, Venus also involves art, music, beauty, and money – so all of this is up for Review & Renew).

Since relationships are front & center

  • How would you describe your ‘ideal romantic relationship’?
  • How would you describe yourself as a friend?
  • What do you desire in your ‘ideal romantic partner’?
  • What do you desire in your friendships?
  • In what ways would you like to experience more sensuality in your life?
  • In what ways could you be more adventurous as a lover?
  • How could you bring more adventure into your friendships?
  • How will you be a better friend and romantic partner going forward?

Your Sensuous Astrology Secrets for this week reveal how to build your confidence! The cosmos has gifted you with a unique and sexy signature power source. Be your most radiant sensual self and have fun!

Reading your Sun, Rising, & Venus Signs will give you 3 secrets to unlock your Sensual Self!

Your journey begins with questions about how you want to present yourself to the world. As you consider your options, touch deeply into your most authentic self so that you truly living and loving you.

Use your love of adventure to create a treasure map where ‘x’ marks the spot.

Go ahead – spend the time you need to discover yourself and your connection with love. Redefining your visions of who you are and who you love will nourish you on all levels.

Allow your sensual self to embrace your delicious daring daydreams of desire.

Venus’ retrograde journey will reinvigorate all of your relationships as long as you set aside time to listen and connect more deeply with yourself first and then your loved ones.

Invite your sexy social self to create confident connections & deeper intimacy.

Clarifying your expectations of relationship start with your own desires and goals for friendships and romance. Who is it you want to be? How might you redefine yourself so you can have what you want?

Coax your bold & beautiful self to embrace ALL of what she REALLY wants.

These next 6 weeks help you define what you really believe in and what you want for all of your relationships. Directing your focus in alignment with your heart is powerful.

Your sensual satiation starts with what is essentially satisfying. Keep the faith!

Retrogrades are about review. What has brought you happiness in the past? What (or who) might you have forgotten that needs to be revived? Find yourself and you find the answers.

Your most sensual treasure is revealed with what is tried & true. You know what to do.

Time to let go of what is not working in your relationships. Start with yourself and ask for what you really truly want. Renewal is just around the corner.

Let your sexy self ask for everything she wants – boldly, loudly and with joy.

Six weeks to a better you! Six weeks to being your best self every day! Six weeks of really getting to the basics of what is best for you AND your relationships one step at a time.

Attract what you want by revealing a little of your super sexy sensual self each day. Be bold!

Part of your retrograde journey will get you in touch with your creative self in new ways. You’ll likely want to choose new playmates.

Invite your most playful self to emerge & you’ve got an E-ticket ride.

It’s time to redefine what you helps you feel at home. Starting with yourself and then moving forward into life.

Your volcanic energy of desire can create new foundations of Love.

Pruning during a retrograde is the key to unlocking the gifts! How are you spending your time and with whom? Time for some fresh air!

Less is More. Slower than Slow. Let Go.

What and who do you really really want? How do you value yourself?

Love yourself beyond what you think is possible and you open a flow of Love that is unstoppable.


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