Venus & the Sun in Aries together later this week light up the sky with a very strong message to Love with Creativity, Passion, and Joy.

Other combinations of planets this week remind us to go deep FIRST, reconnect to our deepest longings and desires, be responsible with our actions, and remember we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

What could be more sensual than spending some time with yourself reveling in your own creative profound beauty as an embodiment of the divine?!

Truthfully? Maybe one or two other things…

Regardless of your sign, starting with time for YOU, to relax, unwind, remember your sumptuous self is the key to creating a luscious and FUN Love Adventure with your partner!

Be you. Always be you. And read your Rising Sign as well as your Sun Sign.

Unleash Your Spontaneity. Love More Deeply. Live Your Legacy.
What will help you shine and radiate love in our world?

Love Yourself! Regenerate. Review. Renew. Recreate. Spa Time!
How much more deeply can you listen to the desires of your soul?

Friendships Thrive. Share the Love. Be someone’s beautiful surprise!
How might you bring more of your energy into the world?

Practical Magic means Delicious Connection that works. Enjoy!
In what ways are you attracting exactly who and what you want from the boardroom to the bedroom?

Leap. Of. Faith. Love IS the adventure. Trust it. Be curious. Be brave. Be you.
What will support you in letting go and leaping?

Dive Deep. Love Well. Be Fearless. Healing is Happening.
What do you need right now to dive into intimacy wholeheartedly?

Love Yourself Better = Being a Better Lover. Really!
Watch your lover for clues about what YOU want and take steps to create more love in your life. Today.

Every day Love starts with the Little Things. Your skills are appreciated!
What more can you learn as each Sun rises and sets? You’ll know.

Fun. Play. Joy. Flirt. Charm. Risk. Love.
How can you up the frequency of your affection, love, sex, and play?

Gentle. Easy. Slow. Plump up the Pillows. Light the Candles. Get to work.
What will support you in enjoying more time at home this week?

Witty (& Authentic) Communication is Your Key to Deeper Love (& better sex). Use it Wisely.
How are you improving your communication skills in all areas of your life?

Your investment in Love is paying off! Celebrate! Love!
What will support your continued to ability to relish love in all its forms?

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