On the surface, these two may seem oddly paired, but truthfully they go together perfectly. This month presents a powerful opportunity for gathering your vitality, your joy, and your sexual energy — your life force.

You are asked to approach all issues and challenges from a practical place, one that allows you to laugh a little more and not ‘sweat the small stuff’.

If you find that you are super busy this month, please remember to play MORE. This month is defined by work AND merriment, grace AND humor, creativity AND practicality. It’s a great month to ‘get things done’!

Relationships are highlighted, encouraged, and divinely guided. Be sure you know what (who) you want and then let the Universe do the heavy lifting. How can you make this relationship journey more fun? How can you embrace your sexy self with even more confidence and compassion?

Key Words:
Stability, Mirth, Pleasure, Victory

Recommended Essential Oils:
doTERRA Passion, Whisper
Young Living Joy

Things to watch for:
You may find yourself attracted to someone who activates new aspects of your sexuality. And it is a month to cultivate new beliefs, practices, and experiences of intimacy as play and creative expression.

Humor plays a big role this month. So, as serious as all this may sound, remember NOT to take yourself too seriously and allow love, joy, and energy to flow.

Challenges to navigate:
remember there’s a bigger picture and you are winning.
Frustration: how might you find the humor?

Affirmations to repeat:
I retain my sense of humor in areas of experience which frustrate me.
I enjoy and embrace my sensual self.
I am vital, joyful and centered in my core.
Whether my problems are real or imagined, I can handle them realistically and mirthfully.

Blessings on their way:
Better sex

Your Sensuous Wisdom™ Reflection Questions:

  1. In what ways am I relishing my sensual self?
  2. How might I cultivate my joy even more?
  3. How do I approach a partner with more humor, more sensuality, more intimacy?




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