Work With Me

As an expert astro-numerologist, I help you decode the hidden messages of your (and your business’) unique celestial support system. As a Sensuous Wisdom™ mentor, I guide you to embody greater clarity, embrace deeper intimacy, and enjoy full aliveness.

Are you ready to:

  • Find your focus and get to the root of your ambition for your business
  • Discover the cycles that allow you to plan for this year, next year and beyond
  • Chart your goals for greater success and profitability
  • Experience more joy and pleasure
  • Share more abundantly
  • Break through old habits, patterns and beliefs holding you back from the deliciousness that life has to offer

Everything—people, nations, projects, and businesses, small or large—comes into existence on a specific day and in a specific place. In that time and place, your business is imprinted (and imbued) with qualities of the celestial and numerological moment, both negative and positive. That information, that unique pattern, holds untapped resources and insights that can help you plan your business strategies. 

This unique mentoring will combine Visionary Guidance with Sensuous Wisdom™  Practice. Our classes and sessions will help you decode the cycles, patterns and trends of your unique business while tapping into a delicious source of energy and pleasure.

The ancient sciences of astrology and numerology, especially when applied together, are powerful tools that can transform your business. Combining this already one-of-a-kind system with the powerful practice of energy cultivation and relaxation will allow you to express yourself as fully as you want, reach your goals, and live life with more confidence, joy and pleasure.

The ancient sciences of astrology and numerology, especially when applied together, are powerful tools that can transform your business.


Benefits of Working With Denise

You will find your focus and get to the root of your ambition for your business and/or personal life.

You will discover the cycles that allow you to plan for this year, next year and beyond.

You will chart your goals for greater fulfillment, ease, love and success.

You will embody your wisdom and source your natural energy & vitality.

What Clients are Saying …

Denise is all about awakened female energy! She brings her vision to support women entrepreneurs, of which I am one. Using astrological and numerology tools, Denise helped me look at my business objectives in a new way. Her insights were right on–she identified a trending toward expansion and trust which was really instrumental in helping me move forward. If you are really ready to build your business (no more excuses!) I highly recommend her unique services. Sally Wolfe

Content Strategist, Content By Sally Wolfe

I am grateful to have received Denise’s extraordinary astrology and numerology reading of both my personal chart and the chart of my business. She has provided a magnitude of insight and validation of the path I’ve taken and why my personal and professional paths are congruent and supportive of one another. Denise is also an amazing energy healer with keen psychic abilities. I highly recommend Denise for any woman or man looking to embody their true essence and power, and any business owner looking for a deeper understanding of the path of their business Char Johanson

Mortgage Consultant, Stearns Home Loans

The Business Trend Analysis that I received from Denise Byron has become a foundation for my business. Each business has its own energy, with its own needs and using numerology really makes this evident. The numerological information has been a huge tool that has helped me tremendously in terms of goals and the necessary activities to achieve those goals. I found the information so useful that I then asked Denise to do an additional Business Trend Analysis for a product I developed, The Mood Lady Cards. Janette Valentino

Certified Professional Life Coach, Valentino Coaching

WOW! Denise Byron is the real deal — she’s an amazing mix of science, business, soul, heart, and mind. She brings it all together to present thoughtful and powerful insights that helped me get clarity about my life. It was so helpful to my personal and professional life and can’t wait to implement it all…and can’t wait till my next session! Kristin Rohan


Denise is absolutely amazing in everything that she does…and she does a lot of really cool things! I have experienced her work in many different forms however my primary interaction with her is though a weekly Sensuous Wisdom Embodiment Practice that I have been a part of since 2012. This sacred circle of women that Denise has brought together has served a beautiful tool for personal transformation.

I am impressed with Denise’s unique ability to create a safe place to explore our bodies, minds, and soul through this powerful meditation within movement. Before I began this practice I had no idea how disconnected I actually was from my body. In the beginning connecting to my body felt scary, uncomfortable, sometimes even painful emotionally and physically. However the exploring this feminine movement in the space of other women allowed for me to drop my barriers and release the pain and discomfort that had been held in my body years.

This class has improved all areas of my life, emotionally, physically, mentally, my relationship to others, and especially my relationship to myself. I feel stronger, more confident, more present, and I value and trust my body and intuition in a way that I have never experienced before.

I have now been practicing Sensuous Wisdom Embodiment for more that two years now and the thing that amazes me the most is it just keeps getting better! There is no limit to this exploration. Each week I continue to return because the practice allows me to reconnect with my true inner being regardless of the external circumstances and since it is an exploration each week I learn something new about myself.

Bonnie Bea

Energy Medicine Practitioner and Instructor