Oh the thrill of a powerful and potent Scorpio New Moon!

We can choose from several directions for our Soul Work (and preparation) as well as for the Practical Applications for this deeply mystical, spiritual, transformative and sexual energy of this moon.

With all the energy in Scorpio right now, our focus lands on Deep Transformation. No matter what area of our lives is being activated and healed with this new moon, we are all experiencing internal shifting that is ultimately for the best. I don’t say that lightly as I know that what arrives with Scorpio can sometimes seem scary and dark. I know that looking at and being with the deepest vulnerabilities is not an easy task, but it is one that is necessary for our greatest fulfillment and well-being.

Scorpio energy reminds us that we are on a Soul Journey — we are meant to experience the Mystery and dive into the Unknown. This is not a reckless adventure, it is one that is protected with magic and a knowing that life and death are one. It is a journey of truth and integrity, one that requires our full awareness and presence.

The path is one of depth, quiet, vitality, and a stillness that can only be found in the moments between movements. Your commitment to meditations, nature, silence, creative pursuits, and energy cultivation will serve you very well.

We are reborn in Scorpio. But first we must let go of what no longer serves us including our own experiences and feelings towards others.

Part of the letting go process with this moon includes forgiveness: forgiveness of others, asking forgiveness of others, and forgiveness of self (this life and all others).

Scorpio has a reputation for ‘holding a grudge’ but I don’t think that is completely accurate. My experiences have shown me that Scorpio will remember with great accuracy any event, words, or actions that have caused pain, wounding or death of some kind. Scorpio will catalog their feelings, and will, accordingly, respond in his/her own time and with intent. The mystery lies there – what will be their response?!

Underneath all of that, however, is a desire for transformation. The Scorpio will give you an opportunity to change, grow, and make amends. He/she will offer you openings. Sometimes those are telepathic – they don’t always feel a need to articulate with words.

Going even further, the Scorpio energy demands truth and integrity in themselves – they need the life force energy to move without obstacle so they can be some of the most present, most loving, most powerful beings.

So, on the one hand, we are reminded of our deepest darkest secrets that must be healed.

On the other, we are shown ways to depth and intimacy that we did not even know existed!

What to consider in preparation for the Scorpio New Moon:

  • If you want more passion in yourself, your life, your work or your relationship then it’s time to let go of whatever is blocking the flow of your life force energy.
  • If you want to understand your legacy – what you are leaving the world – this is the moon to listen with an open heart and mind.
  • If you want to feel ‘sexier’ (you are, of course, already ‘sexy’), then it’s time to set intentions around fully expressing your inner radiance by grounding deeply into who you are and letting go of anything standing in your way.
  • If you want to clear up money matters that include another person or an institution, this is a great time to set forth your intentions and listen for the action steps.
  • If you want to understand your Soul’s Path and Purpose, this is the perfect time to ask.

At the 26º of Scorpio we connect with the Inner Goddess and feel what is vast and wild and true.

We are ready to embrace the magic of this new moon!

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