Sensuous Wisdom™ Programs for Women help you embody greater clarity, embrace deeper intimacy, and enjoy full aliveness.

If it is time for you to step fully into your purpose, live from a place of balance and passion, and source energy and love in more compassionate and powerful ways, then it is time for us to work together.

Sensuous Wisdom™ Programs for Women help you embody greater clarity, embrace deeper intimacy, and enjoy full aliveness.

If it is time for you to step fully into you purpose, live from a place of balance and passion, and source energy and love in more compassionate and powerful ways, then it is time for us to work together.

Are you ready to feel spicy, delicious, powerful and sensual?

  • Do you want to feel more pleasure in your life? Your body? Your work?
  • Do you desire a more loving, passionate, and connected relationship? Better sex?
  • Are you ready to breakthrough old habits, patterns, and beliefs holding you back from the delicious satisfaction that life has to offer?

YOU contain all the ingredients necessary to be as spicy and powerful as you wish. You can be as sensual and soft as you desire. And you can enjoy a deep connection that enlivens your life with love and passion.


Nihal Kaur, MTCM, LAc, Women’s Energy Specialist


Chinh Pham, Leadership Coach


Rose Hamilton, Women’s Reconnection Facilitator


Jalene Marie Otto, Soul Retrieval Specialist


Bonnie Bea, Integrative Holistic Practitioner
Bonnie Bea specializes in supporting women with autoimmune disorders manage chronic pain so they can have a better quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sensuous Wisdom™ Embodiment Practices have their roots in the Tantric Dance of the Sacred Feminine™ still taught by Loraia Ward. Her teacher, Vajra Ma birthed the Tantric Dance of Feminine Power™.  I am grateful for these two women as the foundational pillars for a meditation practice and ‘dance’ that continues to reach more women every day! I honor all of the teachers of similar practices who shared their knowledge, skill, love, and support with me over the years.

The embodiment of this ‘dance’ is the foundation and essence of what brings a woman into full expression of herself. The ‘practice’ applies to all areas of our lives. Becoming even more of who we are, radiating our sensuality, healing our wounded selves, claiming our innate gifts, and living with awareness, vitality, and love is just the beginning of Sensuous Wisdom™.

The best way I know to describe this movement or ‘dance’ is to say that is not a choreographed dance! It is much more like a flow yoga. Some of its roots are based in Continuum™ and 5 Rhythms™ although most of the movement is ‘sourced’ from a woman’s connection to her own body, her own rhythm, and her own pleasure.

Accessing our ‘life force’ or ‘shakti’ or ‘creative energy’ through our bodies is as natural as breathing except for one thing: we’ve been told to stop, repress, hold back, and reject this power place for a multitude of reasons. As women, we have energy based in our ‘sacred sensual center’ – the pelvic chalice – and is sensual, sexual, wise, powerful, loving, and healing. One of my favorite teachers of Tantric Dance says that this kind of movement is a ‘revolutionary act’. I quite agree and would add that it is a visionary, evolutionary, revolutionary, luminary, and loving way of being.

In this practice, after accessing and feeling into the life force present in our bodies (and some of us had to search for a while to find it!), we hold it, contain it, and move it with undulation, serpentine movement in the slowest way possible. The slower we move, the more the intensity builds. Once a woman has accessed this part of herself fully with awareness and attention, she can connect without any movement at all because the heart of the sacred sensual center is a ‘stillpoint ‘– a point that vibrates with radiance, love, and power.

Our focus is to FEEL, to RECONNECT, to REMEMBER our embodied sacred sensual energy, the foundation of our Sensuous Wisdom™.

So, what does it look like? It looks like waves on the ocean, streams of lava, a cool pond on a winter’s day, the gentle unfolding of a warm pool being filled from the hot springs of the earth.

Using pelvic rocking as a base, the body moves in concert with the energy. So, it is unique each time. Movement is very slow, not forced, but gentle and powerful all at once. Arms, legs, head, torso are all used in some way even if there is no movement.

Sensuous Wisdom™ Embodiment engages the entire body, letting go of the mind, and accessing divine feminine wisdom.

Of course, each woman has her own experience. For me, accessing this movement involves engaging muscles with strength and finesse. As I feel each muscle in the slowness, I feel energy moving through my body head to toe and consciously cultivate it from my sacral area. As the energy moves through me, I feel like warm honey is being poured throughout my body nourishing me on every level. My body’s undulations open the tight places, my breath deepens and I relax. My jaw loosens and my shoulders drop. My hips open and my pelvic floor relaxes creating an even more delicious feeling inside. I feel sensual, alive with life force/sexual energy. I feel pleasure and bliss. Sometimes I feel all my emotions, including anger and frustration and I consciously invite them to move and then let go, allowing my body’s wisdom to bring whatever healing is needed in that moment. I always feel honored to connect with this body and the sacred within and around me. One word: Delicious.

This is a body-sourced meditation and deserves our full attention and intention. As a practitioner for over 15 years and a teacher for 11, I offer these practical guidelines as a gateway into the sacred world created by this work. Choosing to be in integrity and alignment with yourself is a necessary first step to claiming your own divine essence, power, and compassion.

  1. Prepare for your individual meditation or a class having had a meal and water an hour or so before so that your body is comfortable and hydrated. Please drink water throughout. Like many healing modalities, water helps with the amplification of energy and the release of any toxins blocking the flow.
  2. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs before individual practice or class and for at least 6 hours after. This is energy cultivation of the highest order. You want to be present, aware, and filled with your own essence. Substances or intoxicants interfere with your ability to be present in every way and they create room in your field for energies that are not your own and possibly not for your highest good. Unlike other spiritual practices that use ‘plant medicine’ in order to connect with the higher realms, this practice uses your innate and divine connection to source through the cells of your body, your soul, your heart, and your creative juicy center of life. We want this to be pure, open and protected.
  3. Witnessing another’s dance is as powerful (sometimes even more so) as your own. Staying and being present means allowing yourself to open your body, mind, and heart to this woman in a loving, kind, supportive and powerful way.
  4. Appreciating another woman’s experience means articulating from a place of loving kindness, authentic observation, and supportive awareness.
  5. Sensuous Wisdom™ is a pleasurable and powerful healing modality. Its depth requires you to know yourself, your limits, and the areas where you are willing to stretch. If you experience challenges, I am here as a coach and guide. I am not a trained therapist. I, myself, worked with a skilled therapist for many years alongside this work for the greatest healing. If you need recommendations, I have three licensed therapists ready and willing to support your journey as well.
  6. If we are working in person, I will ask permission before any physical coaching. All coaching is offered so you can feel at choice in your exploration of the practices.
  7. Learning occurs through direct experience as well as transmissions offered from the teacher or through the witnessing of another participant. We are exquisite vessels of energy and as we fill up, we naturally share without effort. Transmission occurs energetically through intention or is experienced physically through the touch of a hand. You receive all transmissions as you will.
Sensuous Wisdom
Sensuous Wisdom