Sensuous Wisdom
Sensuous Wisdom

Jade Egg: Treasures for Women

with Denise Elizabeth Byron

Jade Egg Practices have been used for thousands of years to increase vitality, strength and enhanced sexual experiences. Current trends have increased awareness of using ‘yoni eggs’ for women’s pelvic floor and reproductive health, but are not always healthy or safe!

You have within you a source of pure joy, deep love, aligned power, radiant health, increased strength, exuberant confidence, delicious sensuality, vibrant sexuality and so much more. Through Sensuous Wisdom™ Practices, you activate, cultivate and nurture your Sacred Sensual Center™ which nourishes and enlivens YOU.

Jade Egg Practical Magic

Revels a deeper level of practice that is safe, sacred and revitalizing on all levels!

Jade Egg Essentials

Designed as an introduction to this well-known vitalizing health practice with its roots in Chinese Medicine and Daoist Inner Alchemy for Women.

Sensuous Wisdom

Enhances the benefits these Chinese practices through nourishment of your body’s natural intelligence and intuition.


Jade Egg Practical Magic: Activating Healing through Sensuous Wisdom™

On-Going Group & Private Instruction Available via Zoom (the Virtual Temple)

During this class you will:
•    Learn about the jade egg practice in a safe and confidential space designed for discussion and questions
•    Experience healing meditations with Your Sacred Sensual Center and Your Jade Egg
•    Explore movement practices to revitalize and nurture your sexual center for increased pleasure (with or without the Egg)
•    Connect with women in the sacred circle of a safe pleasure-centered practice
•    Receive written materials with exercises for increased sensual awareness
•    Amplify insight, self-love, healing, and joy.


Jade Egg Essentials

Thursday, June 29, 7-9 pm
$20 paid in advance/$25 drop-in
Location: Pure Pleasure, Santa Cruz CA

Learn how to enhance your sexual pleasure, increase your orgasmic potential, and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

The Jade Egg Essentials class is an introduction to a well-known vitalizing health practice with its roots in Chinese Medicine and Daoist Inner Alchemy for Women. Integrated with Sensuous Wisdom™ teachings that nourish YONI™, this introduction to radiant sexual health is unlike any other.

This two hour introductory class will:

  • Review the benefits of the Jade Egg practice
  • Teach safe use of the Jade Egg and Exercises
  • Create a safe and confidential space for discussion and questions
  • Guide women in the sacred circle of a safe pleasure-centered practice
  • Provide written materials with exercises for increased sensual awareness


Women’s Wellness Treasures: Jade Egg Essentials and Daoist Breast Massage

Taught by Denise Elizabeth Byron and Dr. David Evon Garrett
Fall 2017
Location: TBD

The modern teachings of Sensuous Wisdom™, integrated with the ancient Chinese sexual cultivation practices of the Jade Egg and Daoist Breast Massage, are beneficial for women of all ages and sexual orientations.

Use of the Jade Egg improves the tone and function of the pelvic floor muscles, enhances sexual pleasure and increases a woman’s orgasmic potential.

Daoist Breast Massage improves tissue circulation and helps balance the endocrine system.

Sensuous Wisdom™ enhances the benefits of both of these Chinese practices through nourishment of your body’s natural intelligence. With over 50 years of combined teaching experience, Denise and David will reveal the many physical, emotional and sexual health benefits, and address the common myths and misconceptions that surround these powerful healing practices for women.

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Important Information

These classes are for informational purposes only. Denise Elizabeth Byron is not a licensed physician. The information contained in this class will not treat or diagnose any disease, illness, or ailment and if you should experience any such issues you should seek the advice and examination of your licensed physician. You understand the information contained in this class is not a substitute for health care or medical advice of any kind. You understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your mental well being, including your mental and physical choices and decisions. You agree to seek medical advice as determined by your own judgment before taking any action in connection to the information contained in this class or discontinuing use of any medications as prescribed by your medical practitioner.

To contact Denise for additional information about Sensuous Wisdom™ classes, mentoring and teacher training, please call (541) 601-9096 or email or visit her website or Facebook page

Testimonials from Students

I feel like I’ve witnessed so much abundance coming to me since jade egg class. In many forms- I love celebrating them all! Every woman in the world should know this option. It’s amazing how much more powerful, secure and strong I’ve felt. [At the event] I was grounded like a redwood and felt my sexiest ever!


Santa Cruz, C

Amazing experiences are unfolding in my life in unexpected ways since the 1st Jade Egg class, I took with Denise. I have used my egg several times following class and I feel more female, goddess energy running thru my body and I am connected deeper in my POWER…in all ways…I love doing the Jade Egg Practice as a way to deepen my connection with SELF and RELEASE any toxic, unwanted, stuck energy in my body.


Santa Cruz, C

This meditation and practice is AMAZING. My body felt and did things it has never done. Talk about a whole new experience with myself. So gratifying and nurturing. When I asked the jade egg/yoni if it had anything to say it said: “Where have you been. I have missed you.”


Santa Cruz, C

David Evon Garrett, DMQ
& Denise Elizabeth Byron

Denise Elizabeth Byron is creator of Sensuous Wisdom™ and the founder of WISE Women™ individual and group training programs. A Certified Professional Coach and embodiment educator with 18 years experience teaching sacred movement and meditation, Denise guides women to embrace their power, beauty and feminine vitality.

David Evon Garrett, DMQ is a Doctor of Medical Qigong and Daoist Inner Alchemy mentor with 35 years experience in Classical Chinese Medicine. Certified by China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, he also holds a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine degree and has served as a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine in New Mexico. David has been teaching Chinese sexual qi cultivation practices to both women and men worldwide since 1981.