Sensuous Wisdom
Sensuous Wisdom

2017 Strategy Sessions

The Practical Magic of Living Life Well begins with filling your well & embodying your most radiant self!

2017 Forecast and Analysis

A highly customized written month by month outline for the year emphasizing:

  • Trends (numerological with astrology added in the private session)
  • Opportunities (be prepared for the natural cycles and know what action is best)
  • Out-of-the-Box Options (feel more inspired)
Include 1-1 Sessions with Denise to:
  • Create a powerful & focused connection to your Source
  • Eliminate beliefs that are getting in your way
  • Strategize & Energize with your innate wisdom
  • Feel great about your contribution in the world & deepen your level of service
  • Experience more success & enjoy more pleasure

Investment Options:

1. 2017 Custom Forecast & Analysis (Includes Personal and Business), plus one strategy session:  $597

2. 2017 Custom Forecast & Analysis (Includes Personal OR Business), plus one strategy session:  $397   

3. 2017 Forecast & Analysis, plus 12 hours of session time with Denise:

  • Connect even more deeply with your inner knowing, your powerful contribution, and your magical self
  • We meet once or twice/month OR we create a half-day or full day retreat*
  • In addition to the Custom 2017 Yearly Forecast (each month outlined), you receive email and text support plus the in-depth written monthly guide delivered via email at the beginning of the month
    Personal OR business:  $2,364 or 12 payments of $222/month
    Both business & personal:  $2,664 or 12 payments of $233/month


Do you want to create more magic in your business, your relationship, and your life?

Do you want to connect even more deeply with your inner knowing, your unique powerful contribution, and your magical self?

*With a half-day or full day retreat, you will:

  • Encourage your most RADIANT and POWERFUL Self to emerge, refreshed and ready to embrace the next steps of contribution
  • Strategize YOUR way of BEING in your life and business that allows you to draw upon your Wealth and Wisdom
  • Create MORE of what you WANT
  • Eliminate outworn beliefs that are holding you back
  • Renew your PURPOSE right now as a powerful leader, teacher, guide, healer
  • Amplify your CONFIDENCE while healing old wounds
  • Live your SENSUOUS WISDOM™ every day LOVING your body and your life

We start by spending expansive time together – time to refresh, renew, and remember.

Your follow up will continue throughout the year with 1-1 sessions that support you to create magic in your life, live your values, prioritize your purpose, contribute your unique self.



Deepen and share your wealth of knowledge, wisdom, & love with the World!

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