The Secrets of Your Name


Your Autumn Equinox ‘Thank You’ Offer!

Let me unveil the secrets of your name or your business’ name!

From now until 9/30/14, you can purchase a fully original (no computer program), insightful personal (select the one you want to know most about) or business name analysis complete with my intuitive interpretation for $111. 

The Name Analyses are UNIQUE and CUSTOMIZED for you.

I consult books from all eras, and I also consult those ‘other’ sources out in the cosmos to see/hear what messages are available for you right now.

I’ve bought almost every numerological name analysis on the internet from the $10 version to the $150 version. I use the alphabet-number from the kabbalistic tradition because I believe it reaches more deeply into the essence of who we are.

This analysis is truly one-of-a-kind!  I love sharing the power in our names.

You will receive your personal recorded revelations by October 30th just in time for another special day.




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