Right now, the cosmos is awash with energies that are pushing, pulling, tugging, and insisting that you make the changes that allow you to live with more purpose, passion, and pleasure.

Monday’s (11:10 am PDT) Full Moon (Aquarius) lights up the shadows – nothing can be hidden. Your internal landscape is ready to see what is challenging but ready to shift.

All Full Moons are powerful, and compounded with a partial Lunar Eclipse, your emotions may surface quickly and intensely (thanks to some big energy from Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars!) allowing you to access what you might otherwise ignore, restrict, or push away.

All of us are seeing more of what we might not want to see, but it’s all for a greater purpose – healing!

Sometimes the energy shows up in uncomfortable ways like anxiety, depression, stress, etc. If you have experienced this, know that you are not alone.

Sometimes during ‘eclipse season’, we have breakthroughs that have been gestating for quite some time and finally make their entrance bursting onto the scene with such force and magnificence that we are stunned.

All of this energy is the Universe not asking us to change so much as it is, as one of my clients commented, “clearing out” what we might have left “unattended” for a while so, in my words, we can fully express our magic. (That was a long sentence but I hope you understand we are being gifted with mystical support!)

The upcoming New Moon/Solar Eclipse is beyond powerful and we would all do well to listen to and connect with Divine Energy, Source, Creator – you can select the word that best describes the amazing power that exists in and around us.

The Lunar Eclipse is designed to help us get ready for the new chapter around the corner!

If you are a long-time reader (thank you!), you know that I often go through the experiences that illustrate what the cosmos is teaching. The eclipse wormhole or vortex has never been more intense for me than it has this year. What is surfacing is powerful and purposeful and deep and inspiring! And it starts with self-care! Always. And remembering what I teach: don’t push, trust in the unfolding!

I’m listening…and am enjoying the rewards on all levels. I want this for us all! I do have an agenda — your radiance and well-being!

Lasting change starts from the inside out.

What is percolating inside you that is ready to be heard, seen, felt, or known?

Whether you consider the numerology of this month which strongly suggests authenticity (read more here) or the line up of planets designed to get our attention this month, you’re being called to transform some area of your life that could be so much better – imagine possibilities beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Dreams are essential.
  • Challenges are real.
  • Magic creates a bridge.

Where are you practicing magic in your life right now? Where do you need a bridge between your reality and your desires?

  • If you feel called to rest, do it!
  • If you feel called to create your next amazing product, program, piece of art, song, dance, or relationship…do it!
  • If you feel called to set stronger boundaries so you can generate more of the life you want to live, do it!

You are invited to join me on a magical journey in the Virtual Temple on Saturday, August 19th to prepare for the much publicized Solar Eclipse!

If you are interested in how you can contribute more to your family, community, clients or the world without sacrificing your energy, vitality and joy, please consider joining me. We will be using the 3 keys that open the doors to magic in our lives and in the lives of those we love. If you want to know more, please email me and I’ll send you your private invitation.

For now…

  • Let these eclipses bring you what you need.
  • Let them move you toward your destiny.
  • Ask for grace, ease, joy and pleasure to be part of the journey!
  • Know that you are deeply loved!
  • Dance. Sing. Paint. Write. Play. Lead.

Express your radiance! And if you want some support, call me. I’m here to help you identify the greater vision, your purpose, next steps and timing while connecting more deeply with your confidence and joy!

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