This month you are being asked to ‘do the work that needs to be done’ which I think is to really tap deeply in to your own ability to restore your soul and move more toward what you really want for YOU.

Choice is an important concept this month. When you are ‘at choice,’ you can create new realities (as you let go of those you no longer desire). Or, you can maintain what you have now. “The choice is yours.” You know all this and have likely taught your children this very process. So, now it’s your turn in a new way.

So examining what is really working (authentically for you) in your life is the first step. An honest inventory is a fabulous practice and one that takes courage. When you find something in your life that is really not working well, you have found an opportunity to make a new choice. And if you are happy with what you find, you can commit to your life with more profound enthusiasm. All good.

Be heartened that the energy of ‘18’ which represents The Moon in the tarot is increasing your capacity to bring light into darkness. When you do this for yourself, you are bringing the light of healing to yourself and all those around you.

Pisces energy and people serve as important teachers this month. Remember your mystical side, pay attention to your dreams and be aware of your choices.

Key Words:
Authentic Choice, Essential Nature, Contemplation, Prayer and Meditation

Recommended Essential Oils:
Young Living Inner Child
doTERRA Thyme, Juniper Berry, Ginger

Things to watch for:
to explore your inner realms.
Reclaiming yourself through contemplation, prayer, and meditation

Challenges to navigate:
Self-judgment and criticism.

Affirmations to repeat:
I enjoy making important decisions.
I value honesty and integrity in relationships.
I like what is mysterious with me and within others.
Through choice I can change my experience.
I am willing to express who I am fully and openly like the Moon.[1]

Blessings on their way:
Happiness, Strength, Unlimited Abundance

Your Sensuous Wisdom™ Reflection Questions:

  1. When I listen to my womb-space, what do I hear?
  2. What does my own natural intuition guide me?
  3. How much time am I allowing for sensual connection with my inner essence?





[1] Arrien, Angeles. The Tarot Handbook, p. 90.

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