This month brings more creativity and magnetism. You’ve got energy to work with this year and April brings excellent activations and support!

Sexuality, Sexuality, Life Force, Aliveness are important themes for this month Remembering your magnetic nature, your softness and graciousness combined with fierce determination and strength. How do you want to feel in your body? How do you want to experience more pleasure? Let more pleasure flow through you now.

Creativity abounds through the fertile energy of Spring. Witnessing how you are using your own creative energy and making adjustments as needed is a fabulous way to move through April.

Dreams are sources of information and clarification. You will be able to trust your ‘gut’ instincts even more. What daydreams and visions make their way to you? Watch how easily they become reality this month!

It really is time to integrate all of who you are, your experiences, and what you want.

Key Words:
Beauty, Sensuality, Magnetic, Energy,

Recommended Essential Oils:
doTerra Cheer, Motivate, Tangerine, Grapefruit

Things to watch for:
who and what inspires you this month?
Sensuality: how are you enjoying all of your senses?
Connecting the dots: how are you more of who you want to be?

Challenges to navigate:
remember to antidote with celebrating wins and self.
Worry: remember to surrender to divine help and guidance.

Affirmations to repeat:
I am a creative person in harmony with my values.
I am magnetic in the highest and best way.
I am dynamic.
I express my artistry through my life and ________.
I equally value the light and dark.

Blessings on their way:
will actualize more quickly!
More energy will flow through you as you keep ‘creating’.
Freedom from pain, suffering, or long-lasting challenges.

Your Sensuous Wisdom™ Reflection Questions:

  1. How am I using all of my senses? Which one feels most awake? Which one wants my attention?
  1. How am I integrating my experience with my visions and dreams?
  1. What does it look like to create my life ‘my way’?



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