Happy Friday (day of the Goddess Freya)!

I awoke EARLY today after less than 6 hours of sleep feeling a deep contentment that has, honestly, eluded me for a while. I am loving the joy that I know is moving more easily because I am using as many of my ‘tools’ as I can for growth and healing. I am grateful for the wise guidance I receive — my wise mentors and teachers, the cosmos, and my divine helpers.

Today we move into a powerful Full Moon Energy that combines with Pluto’s transformative energy to ‘get going’ using the energy of ‘allowing’. Opening ourselves to deep changes and surrendering in the highest and best way to what will gently propel us into our next chapter is exciting (hence less desire to sleep).

Technically, La Luna will reach her fullness tomorrow evening, but I can feel the effects NOW.

  • What effects do you normally feel with a Full Moon?
  • How do you feel in your body today?
  • How are you connecting with your feelings?

Lunar energy is deep, instinctive, and emotional. We know the moon’s influence is powerful as it moves the tides of the ocean!

The ocean’s vastness is a powerful living symbol for me every day. Living by the sea has connected me to my ancestors in ways I could not have imagined – ever.

Being in touch with the cycles of nature, of the moon, and of myself is a vital foundational element that has allowed me to ‘move forward’ INTO my soul’s purpose. I am committed to being my best self and living my mission.

Some days I experience what can only be called ‘an epic fail.’

(Self-forgiveness is part of the tool kit! All experiences contain cycles – ebbs and flows).

The question today: How do you navigate the path being illuminated for you?

As the moon moves into Capricorn at 12:30 pm Pacific today, you have an opportunity to connect with your lineage – genetic and/or spiritual. Over the weekend, you can call upon those who have gone before you to light our way – show you even in the dark of night – where the path is unfolding before you.

Capricorn energy encourages, invites, and almost demands commitment.

  • What are you committed to in your life?
  • How is your foundation supporting you as you move toward and through your goals of this life?

If you need adjustments to feel more support, this is the weekend to tune into your inner wisdom. Your insights are powerful. They want to be heard! You’ve got this. Just give yourself the time (another Capricornian element).

I’m offering gatherings to support your on-going journey. If you want to join me and deeply experience your inner magic as support for your outer radiance, I have scheduled another Mini-Retreat in the Virtual Temple for the first of TWO Leo New Moons. We meet on Saturday, July 22 at 9 am Pacific. This retreat is already filling, so if you are at all interested (even just a pique of curiosity), please email me this weekend!

Thank you for being part of my foundation (this is where the Full Moon lands in my chart this weekend)!

Sending Full Moon love!

p.s. Of course…to help with the deep listening, I recommend cultivating your Sensuous Wisdom™ – a wisdom born of being fully in your body, awake, connected, and allowing the beauty of your being to radiate outward from deep inside your powerful sacred sacral center. You have access to yourself 24 hours a day!

To support your Full Moon Weekend, I recorded a very brief meditation. You can find it here:


And download your free Sensuous Wisdom™ Meditation: Awaken Your Inner Wealth
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