The New Moon in Leo

Monday, we enter into the 2nd of two new moons in Leo exactly as the first total eclipse to be seen ONLY in the US since the 1200’s graces us with profound power!

Leo…the lion…the one who remembers that courage starts with the heart, with love, and compassion.

Leo energy is about the life-force, it’s about remembering the Inner Child as much as it is reminding us to play with the children in our lives.

What is it about children and their essence that makes them powerful teachers?

The other day, I met a young girl about 5 years old (she was off to kindergarten so I am estimating her age) who greeted with a request to share with her my favorite dinosaur. Without missing a beat, I responded by telling her that it is the Pterodactyl (thank God she did not ask me to spell it!). I did not hesitate, the answer just flowed. I was caught in her wave of sheer delight about dinosaurs. While I think I can name 3 types of dinosaurs overall, I do know without a doubt that the Pterodactyl is my favorite.

She was stunned that I responded so quickly and clearly. She had someone who could talk to her at her level! She was thrilled. So she responded by saying that her favorite, the T-Rex, was the largest.

I acknowledged that was true but that mine flew.

She looked at me, stunned again that I was seriously engaging in this conversation. And then we both laughed and then began a discussion between about dinosaurs and flowers and butterflies and shoes and stickers.

She gave me 3 stickers that day – sharing something precious to her with a generous smile and authentic joy.

Her dad was amazed saying under his breath (to me) “Wow, she must really like you.”

I knew what I was receiving was more precious than gold.

The point of this story is this: Leo is generous of the heart. Leo is innocence. Leo knows what it wants – it is confident. Leo is serious about play. Leo reminds us of what was once important and makes it important again right now.

We are traveling through a powerful portal of LOVE.

Where does this journey take us? Read on for some ideas!

  • If you want more confidence, this New Moon is ready to activate the life-force energy that supplies power to what you love – that’s where the strongest esteem lives.
  • If you are ready for more fun, make your lists and let the Universe bring you opportunities that will supply you with multiple choices for play and pleasure.
  • If you are embracing healthy leadership as a path (either behind the scenes of ‘in front of the camera’), the time has come to take creative action.

At the 29/30º of Leo, you are being gifted with special magic, a magic that allows you to connect deeply with your Source and call forth your Inner Goddess.

At this point in our journey, we are truly embracing the Balsamic Moon which is to say the Moon that Releases. So, it is time to release and remove any obstacles that have stood in your way of being your most radiant and divine self.

Here are some practical and spiritual tips for the weekend:

  1. Acknowledge what is surfacing.
  2. Claim your lessons learned (acknowledge yourself).
  3. Commit to releasing the obstacles standing in the way of your Heart’s Desire
  4. Listen.
  5. Clean your house or at least a special space or room
  6. Create an altar out of your favorite things.
  7. Listen.
  8. Embrace what comes knowing you are held in Divine Grace & Courage.
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