This month may well be one of the most important months of 2017. In addition to the planetary alignments, the numerology is quite potent.

This extraordinary lotus is growing in our front yard! Nestled in against the hard rock and rising out of the mud is a deeply nourished and radiant flower! Every day I have a reminder of this month’s promise — there is healing and rejuvenation amidst the realities of our lives! When I feel ‘pushed up’ against a wall, I remember this flower’s resiliency and know that I, too, can grow into more and more beauty.

This is a great month to ‘disentangle’ from anything that you feel is holding you back in any area of your life. This could show up in relationships or projects. Of course, starting with yourself is the key — what beliefs might be ready for an upgrade?


In my personal life, I am experiencing a huge desire (need) to ‘rewrite’ some of the beliefs that are definitely outworn (the ‘tapes’ are getting really old!). Just as I facilitate with my clients, I will choose the tools that are best suited for really digging in and finding the root of the belief, bring it to the surface (gently), and connect with my innate healing Source to initiate the release. Integrating a new belief is something of a work of art. Of course, I love Sensuous Wisdom™ as an embodiment practice well-designed for this pursuit.

Whatever your personal process, during June you have big opportunities to breakthrough any blocks or obstacles that have kept you from being your most full and radiant self.

Your perception and intuition are getting a huge boost this month! Be aware of what surfaces and allow your discernment to bring your consciousness to a place of relaxation, restoration, and healing.

In addition to the mystical aspects of this month, some very practical applications are cleaning and clearing out, renovating, and building new structures (even if they are small). Even though you’ve just done quite a bit of clearing, are there any last inner or outer areas to attend to?

Restoration and healing need support. What can you do this month to nurture and nourish your body, mind, and soul?

Key Words: Healing, Change, Restoration

Recommended Essential Oils: Young Living Inner Child doTERRA Wild Orange

Things to watch for: Courage to stay with what you value. Inspiration to restore from the inside out.

Challenges to navigate: Fear of failure: really investigate your definition of success.

Affirmations to repeat:
I have a commitment to actualize who I really am.
My body is a temple for my spirit.
I have the ability to naturally restore and heal myself at all times.1

Blessings on their way: Healing, Transformation, and Restoration!

Your Sensuous Wisdom™ Reflection Questions:

1. How am I spending time with myself to restore, renew, and replenish my sensual and sexual energy?

2. What activities are nourishing and healing for my body?

3. Where do I feel the most sensual?

1 Arrien, Angeles. The Tarot Handbook, p. 84.

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