Surrender to the magic within and you’ll navigate this week with a depth of sensual passion you might not have even thought possible!

As the Sun moves through Pisces we are given a glimpse into the oceanic possibilities of pleasure. As you open your mind, heart, body, and soul to the treasure of your own natural intuition, remember to connect with all your senses for the most rich and rewarding experiences ever!

The New Moon on Sunday gives us an array of possibilities! What are you willing to deepen into this week? What are you willing to let go? How does it feel to be a magical and sensual being?

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You are creative, enthusiastic, and ready for action – most of the time. Right now, you are being given an opportunity to regenerate your sensual super powers. Some possibilities to consider: a slow, sensuous evening with yourself and/or your partner or a special class to remind you of your innate ability to cultivate your life force and creativity!

You are a most sensual sign and you love to love. And, one of the gifts of this time is to learn how to create experiences that are a little outside the box. Pleasure is available in many forms and you might be surprised what you can learn as you open your mind to something new.

Your friendly social self is always welcome at gatherings. Right now, you are really visible and knowing which invitations to accept might be a bit easier if you ask yourself “What feels delicious?” Listen carefully and enjoy the answers that percolate from within your sensual self.

Are you ready for a new sensual adventure? What new venues are calling to you? What do you want to experience? And who do you want to invite to join you? Creating something special right now will include something that stretches you. Remember that sensuality is about pleasure!

Time to dive beneath the surface and explore your heretofore unknown sensual secrets. What feels mysterious and unknowable? What beckons to you from afar? That is where you start! Remember you are designed to experience pleasure and joy in ways that are deep and playful.

Right now you have a powerful opportunity to discover more about yourself through relationship. As you explore the ‘we’ vs. the ‘me’, what do you notice about your heart? Your body? Your soul? Understanding what you want starts with understanding how you feel. Sharing sensual experience is the perfect way to grow.

You want to be at your best so you can thoroughly enjoy all the sensuous opportunities of life. What can you add to your daily routine that will support more relaxation, stamina, and juiciness? How are you affirming your sensual self daily?

Your creative expression in the bedroom is not a secret. So, it’s time to surprise even yourself with a little spontaneity. What is the most playful sensuous scenario you can imagine? Now, triple that and you’re in business. Enjoy your natural depth and exploring more play.

Your usually outgoing self needs to nest sometimes and this is the week to think about how you want to snuggle in with yourself and your partner(s). What would your sensuous sanctuary look like? How will you bring your most favorite sensual delights into your sacred space?

Communication is king right now. Imagine what possibilities exist when you learn to ask for what you want! First step: ask yourself how you feel and how you want to feel! Once you have established full connection with yourself, it’s time to share conversations with your partner. Be brave and have fun!

This is your time for all things sensuous! You are ready to know how deserving you are of pleasure! Where do you want to start? Once you have an answer, use that beautiful mind to envision the scenario that will help you relax into more sensual joy. Last step: make it real!

You are rebirthing right now! You have limitless possibilities of pleasure awaiting you. First, remember your magical self. What is created when you show up fully, delving into the mystery, and feeling all you can feel? Next, remember your are a delightfully delicious being. Time to be seen!