Like a delicious cup of gourmet sipping chocolate spiced with a bit of cayenne, your love life is about get an infusion of fiery flavor!

When you combine sex-loving Aries with sensual love-loving Venus you have a match made for the slow, sustainable, hot burn of intimate relationship.

Every sign and planetary combination creates a sensual (and sexual) treasure map filled with pathways of pleasure unique to each person. Discovering your own (and your partner’s) sensuous astrology secrets is delightfully empowering.

In March, Venus’ will retrograde in Aries for the first time since 2001. The countdown sequence to ignition has started for long-lasting passion and sumptuous spontaneity.

Aries’ energy is creative, innovative, brash, flirtatious, and enthusiastic. Venus governs love, relationship, beauty, art, money, and sensuality.

Native Venus Aries people are fun, flirty, highly creative, charismatic, and impulsive with an innocence that surprises with its sensitivity and love of pure joy.

With every transit, we benefit from the energy of the current sign. Right now with the Aries energy, it’s time to enjoy the power of love that starts with yourself. Then, when you feel deliciously fulfilled and alive, you can share generously with your beloved with Venus as your inspiration.