Find your deepest self is you connecting with your wise self, your sensual self, your sexual self, your creative self…

Sensuous Wisdom™ is not about finding the man (or woman) of your dreams; it is about finding your deepest self (which then can open you to the most compatible soulmate/partner beyond your wildest dreams).

This powerful practice is not about making a 7 figure income. It’s about strengthening your beautiful and innate foundation so that no matter what is happening in your life, you understand the richness of confidence, the wealth of divine love, and the abundance of resources all here to support you (and, of course, from here, you can nourish the creativity that is the foundation of success).

Sensuous Wisdom™ is exactly that – the wisdom that resides within your beautiful, delicious body. This wisdom is the cornerstone of life, love, health, beauty, joy, contribution, and so much more.

We’ve learned not to trust this wisdom. We’ve been taught to trust our minds, to rely on mental processes, to use logic and reasoning, to construct our reality. But reality is already present, we just need to get in touch with it. And that begins with our being in touch with the reality that we live in, the reality of our bodies and the wisdom that dwells within. Already present. Fully accessible, but we must re-learn or re-discover. This is not about figuring things out, it’s about getting in touch with what’s here now.

Other approaches barely scratch the surface like a ball dancing on a river. The challenge and the gift is in the depths below the surface. You need a guide whose been to those depths, who can support you in navigating those depths safely with grace and ease. Ease does not necessarily mean ‘easy’ but the mind makes it far more difficult than it is. That’s why surface invitations are so attractive. We’ve been sold the illusion that everything can be found on the surface. That’s not the easy way, that’s the hard way. You spend years of your precious life wandering around on the surface, feeling empty, feeling guilty because you’ve been sold the promise of fullness which is your birthright.

This is a powerful message.

The divinity that we are.

We are in an information age, so we are information rich but we are impoverished in our experience. Information will give you knowledge but experience gives you wisdom. We’re schooled in knowledge. There are few teachers of experience.

Informational learning is about getting more stuff.

Experiential learning is about realizing how much you already have, what’s always available to you in every moment. Getting in touch with what you already have.

And you have, right now, the opportunity to access Sensuous Wisdom™.

Beautiful Art by Mara Freeman.

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