Foundations for the Year: Passion, Creativity, & Magnetism

As you move through 2018, you’ll have an opportunity to experience more of your best qualities, develop some new ‘powers’ that have been dormant, and appreciate the strength of what combining all this delicious energy will do for your life and the lives of those around you.

The emphasis is living life fully, with expression, and with purpose.

Your ‘super powers’ will need a foundation. With what does real power (and leadership) start?

Compassion. Empathy. Love. Passion. Enthusiasm. Resilience.

And Purpose.

Renewing your passion for yourself, your life, your purpose, your relationships — it’s all possible even when it feels like the odds are stacking up against you.

While you may find that you are asked (at times) to temper your enthusiasm in favor of something even better, ultimately you are refining yourself into a more radiant being.

Life brings challenges. How do you become a ‘bridge’ that allows you to offer strength and faith to yourself and others in the midst of suffering, grief, and fear?

First and foremost, feel what you feel – allow the realities of life to be seen and heard. Using your extensive array of tools (meditation, exercise, prayer, healing, dance, music, art, and so much more) you can redirect anxiety into energy, anger into purpose, and grief into intention.

One of your most important ‘super powers’ is Self Love! This starts with a commitment to YOU. Your energy is getting a lift this year – enjoy the paths of pleasure that appear.

What activities engage you the most? Where do you experience pleasure? What fills your senses? You may, in fact, find yourself drawn to a new artistic expression.

This is a fantastic growth year as long as you give creativity free reign!

 The Good News is that you’ll find that ‘things fall into place’ easier this year.

Dreams are sources of information and clarification. You will be able to trust your ‘gut’ instincts even more.

What daydreams and visions make their way to you? Watch how easily they become reality this year when you apply your ability to synthesize details and integrate the multitude of tasks that are required!

You’ve been traveling the path of a highly sensitive person in a world that does not always celebrate that. What kind of support will be best for you this year in order to create a life you love even more?!

Remember that you can build strength this year to take advantage of the new starts for 2018 in general.

And the inner strength of your life and your work builds confidence.

Trusting intuition, making powerful decisions with good judgment will create better balance.

This year provides more inspiration, creativity and innovation. You will be a magnet for people, projects, and gatherings. Opportunities and situations show you how your skillful efforts, knowledge, and creativity are being received.

It’s time to remove yourself from any alliance that is depleting your energy on any level.

What you are looking for are people who trust your innovative ways. If you feel energized when you are with them, you know it’s a good fit!

Whether you apply this to business or pleasure, discerning who helps YOU feel good is the priority!

Remember that ‘being curious’ is a powerful tool no matter the situation. Being open to how you feel and allowing magic to unfold is the best way to use the energy this month.

This year’s focus on creativity, strength, and resiliency is good timing for what you have on your plate. And REMEMBER YOURSELF – self care is the first key!

Key Words: Creativity, Vitality, Art, Passion, Strength

Things to watch for:
Re-emerging talents: think back to when you were 8 years old!

New gifts emerge in the area of the creative arts: try new things!
Resources: look around you and remember your greatest strengths lie within.

Challenges to navigate:
Fears from the past

Doubt of the present
Resistance to your creative spirit

Affirmations to repeat:
I experience more energy each day.
I am enthusiastic about my life.
I create art each day through living my passion.
I am an individual of character and strength.
I have unlimited creative resources.
I express myself fully.

Blessings on their way:

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