The New Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, 9/19/17 11:30 pm PDT

We are preparing for a special new moon in Virgo – the sign of the temple priestess.

Many Virgos are so busy that they don’t always realize the beauty that they exude as priestesses of love, healing, and nourishment.

As we enter into their temple this week, we are connecting with an ancient energy that supports our Earth – something that is desperately needed right now! During this time, our prayers become more graceful, more detailed, and more intentional. This is a great time to offer healing prayers for those who you know are in need – this new moon will nourish them!

In your personal life, this is the month to get in touch with your Inner Goddess of Healing, Health, and Service.

As we move into the Virtual Temple, we will be calling on the ancient temple priestesses to join us, to support us, and to remind us of who we are.

It’s time to make sense of your life in practical ways.

  • How are you showing up to take care of your health?
  • How are you nourishing yourself and your loved ones?
  • How are you addressing the responsibilities of your daily life?
  • How are you mindfully engaging in your life?
  • How are you sensually connecting with healing energy?
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