Meet Denise

Denise Elizabeth Byron

Denise Elizabeth Byron
Mentor & Visionary Guide

(541) 601-9096

“Confidence from the Boardroom to the Bedroom.”

Denise Elizabeth Byron developed the Sensuous Wisdom™ System, WISE Women™ Programs and Sensuous Wisdom™ Teacher Training and Certification because she truly believes that in every woman, there is a wise and sexy soul ready to embrace her own magic. Denise invites women to engage their beauty and power in all aspects of their lives — with confidence.

Confidence is the key that unlocks success and pleasure.

As a Sensuous Wisdom™ Mentor, Denise encourages women to let go of past hurts and celebrate their full aliveness — unabashedly and compassionately.

As a Visionary Strategist, she offers unique guidance to help soulful creative entrepreneurs (women & men) achieve greater fulfillment and success.

As a teacher of teachers and leaders, Denise brings the full range of her experiences to each immersion, retreat, class, and mentoring session to support women creating Pathways of Pleasure, Purpose, & Prosperity.

Denise brings 35+ years of experience with Numerology/Astrology/Intuitive Insight training, study, and practice to her mentoring, teaching, and writing. As an educator and professionally trained coach, she offers information and guidance with the understanding that her clients’ intelligence, creativity, willingness to learn and desire to grow shape each session. Denise’s clients value new perspectives, think outside the box and have the courage to awaken to their own deepest knowing.

Riding the waves of life requires fortitude and when combined with powerful body wisdom, open hearts, and gratitude, the extraordinary arises with grace, ease and pleasure.

Mentoring with Denise offers the kind of fluid structure that creative people need — guidance from multiple sources, new ideas generated in sacred space, options for greater connection and ultimately ‘success’ as defined by the client. Laughter is not uncommon during a session and kleenex is (usually) available for those moments when challenge meets relief.

Blessed with a vast network, if she is not the right mentor, Denise offers professional referrals to exceptional practitioners.

Credentials, certificates, and other notables include: