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October 2017

I have read through dozens of quotes today, seeking to find one that provides both solace and courage. I wanted to share something profound that would ease our collective grief, anger, and fear. I wanted to share something that also provided inspiration, courage, and...

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Walkin’ on the Sun

Sometimes words stream easily through my fingers, but my thoughts splinter into tangents too quickly to capture and weave them into something meaningful and cohesive. This is one of those times. And I'm going to write it out anyway! September gives us opportunity to...

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Turning Possibilities into Realities

You can take what you’ve learned (humble pie included) and apply it to creating the dreams that call to your heart – the ones that were illuminated in a ring of fire around the moon on Monday.

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Heart’s Desire

The New Moon in Leo Monday, we enter into the 2nd of two new moons in Leo exactly as the first total eclipse to be seen ONLY in the US since the 1200’s graces us with profound power! Leo…the lion…the one who remembers that courage starts with the heart, with love, and...

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