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Honoring Your Roots

Happy Friday (day of the Goddess Freya)! I awoke EARLY today after less than 6 hours of sleep feeling a deep contentment that has, honestly, eluded me for a while. I am loving the joy that I know is moving more easily because I am using as many of my ‘tools’ as I can...

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Radiance and Confidence

You are an opening for light, love, radiance and generosity. This month you get a chance to see how much you shine and how your brilliance gives others the chance to shine as well.

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Healing & Restoration

This month may well be one of the most important months of 2017. In addition to the planetary alignments, the numerology is quite potent. This extraordinary lotus is growing in our front yard! Nestled in against the hard rock and rising out of the mud is a deeply...

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Stability & Sensuality

On the surface, these two may seem oddly paired, but truthfully they go together perfectly. This month presents a powerful opportunity for gathering your vitality, your joy, and your sexual energy -- your life force. You are asked to approach all issues and challenges...

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Integrating Your Magnetic Self

This month brings more creativity and magnetism. You’ve got energy to work with this year and April brings excellent activations and support! Sexuality, Sexuality, Life Force, Aliveness are important themes for this month Remembering your magnetic nature, your...

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