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Trust the Flow into Radiance

To trust in the flow of life is a gift! To trust in yourself is a powerful resource. This month gives you more opportunities to lean into life a little more and experience what happens when you let go and risk a bit of adventure. And adventure can lead to more glow!...

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Scorpio New Moon

Oh the thrill of a powerful and potent Scorpio New Moon! We can choose from several directions for our Soul Work (and preparation) as well as for the Practical Applications for this deeply mystical, spiritual, transformative and sexual energy of this moon. With all...

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October 2017

I have read through dozens of quotes today, seeking to find one that provides both solace and courage. I wanted to share something profound that would ease our collective grief, anger, and fear. I wanted to share something that also provided inspiration, courage, and...

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Walkin’ on the Sun

Sometimes words stream easily through my fingers, but my thoughts splinter into tangents too quickly to capture and weave them into something meaningful and cohesive. This is one of those times. And I'm going to write it out anyway! September gives us opportunity to...

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